Serving our clients since 2007 & located in the heart of City of London, Proactive Consultancy Group is a highly dedicated team of professional UK VAT Specialists that provides proactive solutions to its customers regarding UK VAT legislation and their VAT issues with HMRC. With extensive expertise in VAT partial exemption , VAT assessments review, VAT penalty notices review, VAT audits & First Tier VAT tribunal we are always a number one choice for our clients.

We recognized long ago that for many small businesses, there is a real need to involve professional tax advisers but due to significant pressure on the cash flows in form of ever increasing costs of specialist VAT Experts many businesses avoid taking professional advise on important taxation matters. We are one of the best UK vat experts offering comprehensive and proactive solutions to the VAT problems faced by the business community on a regular basis. We serve our clients nationwide through the entire United Kingdom from our head office and this is the reason that we always travel to our clients whenever needed.

Working closely with our clients to identify their needs and then providing a solution tailored to our clients’ business is critical to our business philosophy and ensures top quality service throughout. We believe is our philosophy that each and every matter related to Value added Tax legislation deserves a professional review as most of the VAT assessments and penalty notices issued by HMRC stems due to poor record keeping and failure to provide all the information to HMRC officers. Similarly, businesses end up paying too much or reclaiming too little VAT due to lack of understanding of the VAT legislation which is directly linked to lack of availability of expert resources at their disposal.

At Proactive consultancy group, we provide a comprehensive VAT health check for UK’s medical as well as non-medical sector of the industry in a comprehensively proactive and efficient manner through simplified procedures and ensuring compliance at the same time. We review VAT assessments and penalty notices on behalf of our clients on a “No Win No Fee” basis to ensure that there is no added cash flow strain on our client impacting them negatively and they are still able to access best available expertise in relation to their VAT affairs. The basis of our fee is always discussed and agreed with our clients in advance before we begin any work. Our VAT experts ensure proper guidance to our clients regarding everything they need to know about complex issues within VAT laws and their implications.

Our experienced VAT consultants who possess in-depth knowledge and experience of VAT legislation, ensures that our client gets every penny that rightfully belongs to them and thereby creating best value for money spent for our clients.

Our mission is simply your success and helping in getting returned what rightfully belongs to you.

Send us a secure message from our website or contact us via phone, post or email. This will provide us with an opportunity to understand more about yourself and will provide you with a snapshot of how it could be like working with one of the best VAT professionals in the UK.