VAT for UK Taxi industry is the most complex and challenging tax to understand for a business. At times, so complex that inadvertently you overpay or underclaim. These complexities and complications of regulations could be a potential liability for any business.

In 6 out of 10 taxi company cases, we have found moderate to an excessive level of errors within the application of VAT rules resulting in significant amounts of overpayments to the HMRC. We offer a FREE VAT health-check for Taxi firms, reducing the burden on your business. We have a team of Taxi VAT specialists who carry out your VAT health-check and they are specialists in the Taxi industry.

The VAT review determines if your firm is entitled to a VAT refund (which is the result in most of the cases). If there is no overpaid VAT, at least your business had the benefit to having their records reviewed by a Taxi industry Tax specialist absolutely free and if you get a refund, all your future VAT savings are a different matter altogether!

In the instance of a likely refund due from the HMRC, the process typically takes 4 – 6 months and if you get the refund in your account – we get a pre-agreed payment and if you don’t – this entire service has cost you nothing!

So, wherever you are in your business lifecycle, we intend to make a profound impression on the bottom-line of your business.

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