Our tax department is active in providing pro-active advice to individuals and their businesses to minimize the burden of indirect taxes such as Value added Tax (VAT). We have a dedicated Research and development team that extensively studies the UK VAT legislation including periodic changes made to it. The team then assess the impact of these changes on VAT affairs of our clients and provide them with the best VAT planning advise to manage their day to day business affairs ensuring full compliance to UK VAT legislation.

HMRC make periodic visits to the businesses, any non compliance of VAT legislation normally results in VAT assessments getting issued. These VAT assessments and appeals then results in HMRC issuing a Notice of VAT penalty that can range up to 100 % of the assessed amount. Historically even innocent mistakes by the businesses discovered by HMRC officers during their periodic visits have resulted in huge VAT penalties. Getting a professional UK VAT experts like Proactive Consultancy Group ensures that you rectify any GAP with respect to VAT compliance and avoid high cost of potential VAT penalties that may be issued by HMRC.

Find it out yourself and rectify before HMRC finds it.

If you are either starting a new business or managing an existing one, please get in touch with us and we will ensure that you get the best VAT advise in order to observe 100 % compliance with the VAT rules.