Payroll Services

We can assist with all payroll matters including Employer PAYE registration, running of weekly or monthly payroll including tax and national insurance calculations and production of pay slips together with all year end filing requirements.

Management Services

We help our clients to define their financial objectives and then to achieve them. This may involve the installation of financial systems, the building of financial models, and the preparation of projections and monthly/quarterly management accounts. This will involve us working very closely with our clients, very often for an agreed fixed fee.

We would have monthly/quarterly meetings with the board, at which not only we would discuss the management accounts but also all other business issues would be discussed and implementation strategies agreed. In other words we can act as your ‘‘Invisible Chief Financial Officer’’.

Succession planning, often involving company sales, management buy outs/buy ins etc., is an important aspect of our work. As with everything else we are always mindful of the tax aspects of all upon which we advise.

We have, in addition, developed particular accounting services for members of particular professions (for example, solicitors, dentists etc.), which have their own individual tricky areas.

Management Accounts

The preparation of management accounts are necessary to assist in making business decisions and will be requested by your accountants, auditors, bankers, Inland Revenue and other stake holders. We can prepare management reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports are prepared in accordance with your policies and requirements.

Our management reports include:

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Annual budget and forecasts
  • Variance reports
  • Accruals & prepayment schedules
  • Intercompany charges & reconciliations (if appropriate)

Our clients are our ‘‘Priority’’ hence we are able to tailor management accounts/ financial reporting to your business needs appropriately.

We may compromise on price but never on quality